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Welcome at the helmet area!

You will find articles and datasheets about several type of flight helmets here. 

You can find the available articles in the menu on the right side of this page, just click the article you like to read.

We're working hard to make this area more complete. We can't without help from our readers. If you have information we're looking for and you like to share it with other collectors or you write articles, please let us know by sending us an E-mail.



APH-6 helmet
BPH-1 helmet
CGF Gallet helmets
FFV116 ODEN helmet
Gueneau 458 & 459 helmet
HGU-9/P helmet
HGU-2A/P-D helmet
HGU-22 helmet shell
HGU-33/P helmet
HGU-36/P helmet
HGU-47/P helmet
HGU-55/G helmet
HGU-55/P helmet
HGU-56/P helmet
HGU-68/P to -85/P configs
Mk.3C helmet
Mk.5 HSAB helmet
P-series helmets
PRK-37 helmet shell
RAF helmets
US helmet liners
Viper helmet
ZSh-5 helmet



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