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The HGU-36/P flight helmet
by: Steven C. Norris
HGU-36/P assigned 30 April 1974 (USAF) Request For Nomenclature (DD Form 61) USAF. Shell is ballistic but shaped like the HGU-26/P. Then black rubber edge bead.

Later Specs (HGU-36 A/P dated 1982, call for a visor trimmed for the MBU-12/P oxygen Mask. Liner is the black styrofoam liner similar to the liner used with TPL in the HGU-55/P but the HGU-36/P uses sizing pads Black leather, (as pictured). 

Issued in two sizes: Medium and Large. 
Black Chin and Nape strap. 
Provision for Boom microphone. 

Note: no thick leather edge roll. Helmet was designed for use with an MBU-12/P mask. Standard oxygen mask retainers were used (not pictured) and painted a subdued color (read OD green).

Communications is standard USAF. (H-143/AIC Earphones and wiring harness with plug for mask/boom mic.) A Boom Microphone can be used on this helmet. Ear cups held in place with velcro. Looks like most had both Boom mic and o-mask.

Developmental History:
Probably developed for C-130 Gunship crews as they would have a requirement for ballistic protection. Probably replaced the AFH-1 (unconfirmed… need the AFH-1 Spec cancellation notice to verify this). 

Gentex says the helmet was developed for USAF Special Operations. Many early HGU-36s may have been mis-identified as APH-5s although the ballistic shell would be a dead giveaway.

1. Request For Nomenclature (DD Form 61) 
2. MIL-Spec


If you have some additional information or corrections about this article please contact Steven C. Norris or us to make this datasheet even more complete.


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