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The HGU-47(V)4/P flight helmet 
by: Steven C. Norris
The HGU-47(V)4/P U.S. Navy Flight helmet for use in the P-3 Orion Anti-submarine Patrol Aircraft. The HGU-47(V)4/P is based on the PRK-37/P Helmet assembly which was designed as a lightweight replacement to the APH-6 series of flight helmets. The first helmet designation assigned using the PRK-37/P Helmet Assembly was HGU-33/P. Designation was assigned May 11, 1973 by request of the Naval Air Engineering Center. The P-3 Orion was in service at that time, and continues in service.

The HGU-47(V)4/P is used exclusively in the P-3 Orion. It should be noted that any change in the configuration of an HGU-47(V)/P  normally results in a change in nomenclature. There are three other variations of the HGU-47(V): HGU-47(V)1/P, HGU-47(V)2/P,  and HGU-47(V)3/P. 

Helmet Shell
The HGU-47(V)4/P is based on the PRK-37/P Shell Assembly. The PRK-37 Shell is constructed of fiberglass cloth molded with epoxy resin. The helmet is painted a non-yellowing white, conforming to MIL-C-83286B. A foam edgeroll around the periphery is covered in black leather. The helmet shell comes in two sizes: Medium and large. Both a chin and nape strap are used on the HGU-47(V)/P.  For Parts breakdown and details on the PRK-37/P see separate data sheet.

Liner/Sizing System
The PRK-40/P liner and sizing pads are used to custom fit the HGU-47(V)4/P to the flyer.

The HGU-47/(V)4/P Has a communications system utilizing a boom microphone exclusively. The microphone does not  require an amplifier. As with all navy Helmets, the aircraft determines communications equipment requirements. The MX-8376/AR Earcups house the H-87B/U earphones. Foam inserts hold the earphones in place. Spacers are attached to the back of the earcups to size the earcup to the flyer. The CX-4832A/AR communications cable replaces the standard  CX-4708A/AIC Communications cable. This cable has a provision to plug a microphone in on one end while allowing connection to the aircraft on the other end.

The large rubber grommet is not used as the communications cable attaches to the back of the helmet via a small screw and does not pass through the shell.

In most cases, the predrilled hole for the communications cable is simply taped over. Note: The microphone is not shown plugged in. It plugs into the closest end of CX-4832A/AR communications cable.

Visor Assembly
The standard EEK-4 A/P visor Assembly is used. a clear and neutral gray lens are interchangeable without removal of the visor housing. Optional lens for the EEK-4 A/P include gradient, amber, vermillion, and a green lens for laser protection. The Navy version of the EEK-4 A/P Visor assembly includes a blue lock knob and  the US Navy “wings” Decal on the visor cover. The EEK-4/P can be ordered with an optional white visor lock knob and a visor housing without decal.

Known Manufacturers
The HGU-47(V)4/P is not procured but rather configured in the field.  The components are manufactured by Gentex and Sierra Engineering.

If you have some additional information or corrections about this article please contact Steven C. Norris or us to make this datasheet even more complete.

(Information Contained in this data sheet reflects changes through 30-SEPT-86)


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