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The BPH-1 Flight helmet 
by: Steven C. Norris
The BPH-1 is a U.S. Navy helmet circa 1965 used in bomber and patrol aircraft. The helmet could also be used in other non-flying applications (Aircraft Carrier Deck crew, or SONAR operations). The BPH-1 carried the Gentex designation DH-111 and is similar to the Canadian DH-411 and DH-41-2. The BPH-1 was replaced very quickly by the BPH-2. The only major differences between the two helmets are:

1- The BPH-2 has a bracket attached around each earcup to hold the earcup tightly to the wearers head.

2- The Attenuation relief valve was changed for the BPH-2.

The BPH-1 is constructed of a fiberglass fabric and epoxy resin hard outer shell. The outer shell is painted white, and when used in aviation applications, the shell normally is “dressed” in reflective tape. The hemet is also equipped with a white sytrofoam inner shell approximately inch thick The outer shell is designed to provide force distribution and penetration resistance. The BPH-1 was issued in one size with an adjustable web suspension to provide custom fitting to a wide range of wearers. This suspension harness is similar to the SPH-3/4 helicopter helmet suspension harness.


Side view showing relief valve and microphone mount.


The web suspension held a set of white plastic earcups which were equipped with attenuation relief valves (one in each earcup). By rotating the attenuation relief valve, the wearer could hear normal conversation. In aviation applications, the earcups were equipped with the H87B/U earphones. The earcup could be further modified with the addition of a boom microphone mount to hold the M6/UR microphone. The microphone was normally mounted on the wearers left side.

The BPH-1 was equipped with a single dark visor utilizing the same visor mechanism used on SPH-3/4 helmet.

In non-aviation use, the visor/housing may not be present.

It appears the BPH-1 was replaced very quickly by the BPH-2. 

If you have some additional information or corrections about this article please contact Steven C. Norris or us to make this datasheet even more complete.


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