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The HGU-9/P flight helmet
by: Steven C. Norris
The HGU-9/P Part number D-10, Bill Jack Scientific Instrument Co, Solana Beach Ca is intended for use by crewmembers of B-52 and B-47 aircraft engaged in Airborne Alert missions and all crewmembers engaged in the operation of helicopter aircraft. Assigned Feb 28, 1961. 

Bill Jack Helmet Division was sold to CAL-MIL Plastics in 1965 and the model numbers were retained. 
The Helmet is constructed of rigid fiberglass reinforced plastic shell, a suspension system consisting of a full foamrubber liner with resesses for earphones. The foamrubber liner is covered with a rayon cloth liner. An adjustable nylon chin strap completes the helmet assembly. Chin start may be equipped with cup and microphone holder.

Earphone and cable of the H-149/AIC headset is used for communications making the helmet compatable with AN/AIC-10 intercom system installed in the aircraft.

The helmet (pictured at left) can use either the MBU-5/P or MBU-3/P Oxygen masks. The Nuclear flash blindness goggle (M-1944 with gold lens) is attached as per the picture.

An optional sun visor can be attached to the three snaps, but according to the assignment sheet, this was not a standard item (specifically listed as NOT used).

Issued in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The inner foamrubber liner came in six sizes to allow custom sizing.


  • USAF ARDC Form 81A for the HGU-9/P.

  • CAL-MIL-Plastics Helmet Catalog circa 1964.

  • Technical Order 14P3-9-12 Fixed Filter Nuclear Flash Protective Helmet Visors and Goggle Lens.

If you have some additional information or corrections about this article please contact Steven C. Norris or us to make this datasheet even more complete.


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