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CGF Gallet flight helmets 
by: Ron Kraan
It is not often that a new series of helmets turn out to be an instant success. After years of using the Gueneau range of helmets, the French Armed Forces are on the edge of a radical change in manufacturers. 

The CGF Gallet factory is a well known name for fire fighting and police helmets. For some time now CGF is developing and testing a range of flight helmets. Two types are currently in production and delivered to customers world wide. The LA100 and LH150/250 helmets are a concept that is well received.

More countries are currently testing the Gallet helmets. Some NATO countries and the US Airforce and US Coast Guard are among them.

The LA100
For pilots flying fixed wing aircraft, the LA100 has been developed. This is a dual visor helmet made of fire resistant, shock absorbing material. Components chosen are Aramid an Carbon fiber. The whole concept is to give maximum protection, comfort and ergonomics. The lightweight design has an integrated communication system and an adjustable comfort interior trim. The shock-absorbing interior has two cavities that hold the earphones.


The dual visor system can be fitted with both a dark and clear visor, or with any customer preferred combination. Available is also the yellow high contrast visor. The inner dark visor can be anti laser treated on request. The visor locking mechanism gives the helmet a 625 knots windblast resistance. On ejection, the automatic visor lowering and locking device gives the pilot more security. Tests show that the helmet still can be used after an ejection. 

The clear outer visor goes over the outside of the helmet. It is guided by a center track and hinges on the side of the helmet. The inner visor, in the up position, stowed on the inside of the helmet (like the Gueneau series). The chinstrap features a quick locking system. Oxygen receivers can be altered to customer specifications (MBU series, Ulmer series). The total weight of the helmet is 940g. Available in 6 sizes, ranging from XS to XXL, the helmet fits the majority of pilots. Colors are green, grey and sand (flat colors).

As the new Rafale fighter is coming in to service, the test pilots flying the aircraft are using the LA100. The Aeronavale (French Navy Airwing) has also chosen the LA100 for its pilots flying the Rafale and E-2C. As the Rafale can also be equipped with a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) the Gallet helmet is also chosen for this. All though being the same helmet shell, the HMD can not be fitted on standard LA100’s as the HMD versions are slightly modified. The HMD helmet and system are being developed and produced by Thales (former Thompson). Test pilots from other units, like the 330 Test (and Tiger) Squadron, are also fitted out with the LA100.

The LH150/250
The rotary wing helmet types are the LH150 and LH250. The differences being the number of visors. One for the LH150 and two for the LH250. Basically the same helmet as the LA100, the helmet lacks the oxygen receivers but has a boom microphone assembly.


The single polycarbonate visor version, only has the outer visor system. As option a visor housing is available. An NVG interface can also be chosen. The dual visor version features the same system as the LA100, only without the automatic lowering and locking system. The total weight for the LH150 is 840g as the LH250 is 919g. Available in the same sizes as the LA100. Colors are green, gray and sand (flat colors). Gloss colors are white, blue and yellow.


The LH250 has been chosen as the standard helmet for the 1th CHR (Combat Helicopter Regiment) of the French Army Aviation at Phalsbourg. This unit flies the Eurocopter Cougar “Horizon”. The Japanese Self Defense Force/Air Force, is also using the LH250 on some of its helicopters. Latest customer is the Italian “Vigili del Fueco” (Civil Security). The Italian Interior Department has ordered the LH250 for the Civil Security helicopter pilots. 

Flightgear On-Line likes to thank CGF Gallet www.gallet.fr for their kind help. Special thanks goes to the gentleman with the Rafale sales team, who kindly answered all my questions. 


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