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Tiger helmets
by: Ron Kraan

Tiger meets are held for over 40 years now. There have been some colorfull aircraft and helmets over these past decades. Flightgear Online takes a short look at some examples. 

The original meeting of squadrons having in common the same tiger emblem had been set up after the then French Minister of Defense, had stressed the need for a firmer French-American co-operation in the field of defense and military understanding. 

Taking into account this official will for closer contacts, the basic idea of a Tiger Meet tournament arose in 1960 in the minds of the pilots of the 79th TFS, USAFE, at RAF Woodbridge. These pilots already had firm bonds with their colleagues of the RAF No. 74 Squadron based at RAF Coltishall, some 40 km down the road. 

These two squadrons had flown under identical operational conditions for many years. They decided to organize an annual meeting of pilots and ground crews of both squadrons. Urged by the common Tiger spirit, they searched for further fraternization, which was readily found across the Channel. Consequently, Escadron de Chasse 1/12 became the third partner and the NATO Tiger Meet was born. The very first was held at RAF Woodbridge on July 19th, 1961. 

Over the years a large number of other participating Tiger units joined the meets. Sometimes even a fox jumped in...

The selective flight programs enabled all participating squadrons to perform normal training missions, but in a totally different environment. From three members originally the Tiger Association has grown 40 years later into a family of over twenty members representing many countries. Units from among others France, Germany, Portugal, USA, Australia, the Netherlands and even some former Eastern Block air forces are welcome guests. 


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