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Flightgear at the "Flyhistorisk Museum", Sola, Norway
by: Steen Hartov, photos Sven Scheffers, last updated 25 April 2006

sola_logo.gif (5702 bytes)The Norwegian air museum at Sola Air Base near Stavanger is worth a visit, no matter whether you are interested in aircraft or flightgear. They have a display of ejection seats through the last 50 years with mannequins dressed in period flightgear, rounded off by a display of an F-16 pilot with parachute, dinghy and all his survival gear. There are one or two trifling details that, given the opportunity, I would question, but the museum deserves high marks for a fine display of flightgear.
Check out the museum homepage at www.flymuseum-sola.no

sola_01_tn.jpg (43496 bytes)
F-84G ejection seat
sola_02_tn.jpg (45852 bytes)
F-86K ejection seat
sola_03_tn.jpg (44178 bytes)
Martin-Baker Mk.T5A seat retrofit in
Norwegian RF-84F Thunderflash
sola_04_tn.jpg (40038 bytes)
NF-5A ejection seat
sola_05_tn.jpg (40947 bytes)
ACES II ejection seat from F-16A
sola_06_tn.jpg (46607 bytes)
F-16 pilot with survival gear


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