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Commonly used US aircraft jacks and plugs 
by: Ron Kraan

JJ-055 jack mates with PJ-292, U-173/U
PJ292 plug mates with JJ-055, U-172/U, U-179A/U
U-172/U jack mates with U-173/U, PJ-292, U-179A/U
U-173/U plug mates with U-172/U, JJ-055, U-179A/U
U-179A/U jack with push button release mates with U-173/U & PJ-292
PJ-055 plug mates with 88
PJ-068 mates with S830

88 jack mates with PJ-055
S-830 jack mates with PJ-068
U-61/U jack mates with U-75/U
U-75/U plug mates with U-61/U
U-93A/U plug mates with U-92A/U, U-54A/U
U-92A/U jack mates with U-93A/U, U-174/U
U-174/U plug mates with U-92A/U, U-94A/U


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