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Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik in Wernigerode
by: Ron Kraan

In the little town of Wernigerode a private group founded in 1998 the Museum for Aviation and Technology. Since then the museum is being built up and is still developing. In two halls and outside, there are approximately 20 airplanes and helicopters displayed. Also some engines, models and a mobile radar station are to be found.
All aircraft are demilled and some of them still in airworthy condition. For the flight gear collector/enthusiast, some nice items are placed in a separate room. The museum has several ejection seats, flight helmets and fully dressed mannequins.

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The following seats (among others) can be seen:

- Martin Baker GQ-7 from the F-104G
- Lockheed C-2 this also from the F-104G
- ACES II Used in an F-15
- KM-1 as used in the MiG aircraft
- Martin Baker Mk7 from the F-4F Phantom

Helmets on display include German, Soviet, American, British and Canadian examples. Full mannequins are shown in Starfighter gear, Soviet/East German outfits and even a USAFE F-15 pilot.

Wernigerode can be found in the Harz region in Germany, more info, prices and opening hours see:


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