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The MBU-12 mask 
by: Sven Scheffers
The Gentex model MBU-12/P is designed to replace the MBU-5/P and offers improvement in comfort and efficiency when compared with the MBU-5/P mask. The first MBU-12's were in the olive green color only available but later a gray version of this mask became available. 

The USN uses the mask with various communications, under designations MBU-14/P, MBU-15/P etc.

The MBU-12 mask (Photo:Gentex)

The MBU-12/P features a silicone rubber faceseal with a integrally bonded polysulfone plastic hardshell. The silicone rubber hose assembly has an internal diameter of 3/4". Standard the MBU-12/P comes with Offset bayonet connectors, the CX-4707C/AIC cord and the military type M-101/AIC dynamic microphone. Optional is the AM-7067A amplifier.

The MBU-12/P is available in four sizes: Short, Regular, Long, Extra Long

  1. Label ID, Size
  2. Staple
  3. Webbing, Elastic
  4. Dust cover
  5. Bracket, microphone
  6. Screw, self locking
  7. Strap & Buckle (4 req.)
  8. Teenut, capped
  9. Hardshell & Facepiece
  10. Valve assy
  11. Clamp
  12. Cord & Snap
  13. Cable guide
  14. Cable guide
  15. Delivery tube
  16. 3 pin Bayonet connector
  17. Bayonet RH
  18. Bayonet LH
  19. Microphone, Dynamic
  20. Gasket
  21. Comm cord & Plug
  22. Connector
  23. Screw
  24. Screw

Source: Gentex corp., Transaero


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