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Flightgear On-Line in Lotnictwo Wojskowe 
by: Sven Scheffers
The authors of Flightgear On-Line would like to congratulate Jan bury with his very nice article in the Polish aviation magazine Lotnictwo Wojskowe (Military Aviation).

Thanks to the corporation between author Jan Bury from Warshaw Poland, some help from the editors of Flightgear On-Line and of course the help from many others, the Polish aviation magazine Lotnictwo Wojskowe has published Jan's very nice article about CSAR and survival equipment.

We like to say thank you to Jan Bury for the credit to Flightgear On-Line. We hope to find more of Jan's articles in aviation magazines in the near future. We wish you all the luck Jan!

For who's interested and can understand the Polish Language: You can find the article in Lotnictwo Wojskowe number 5, 2000.


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