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Living History 
by: Ron Kraan and Frank Peters
During 2004 Flightgear Online was contacted by the "Rekwisieten Commissie Krijgsmacht" (Royal Netherlands Army Props Department) This Department keeps the past alive, by collecting, restoring and showing military vehicles, clothing and arms. These items are lend out to movie makers (like Paul Verhoeven for his movie "Zwart Boek") and are shown during Veteran days and Army open days on stage and on a static display.

living00_tn.jpg (113734 bytes)
The full display team at Leeuwarden 2006 showing both aircrew and non-aircrew retaled air force uniforms.
Klick the picture if you want to see the individuals in more detail.

Until then, the Department only focused on Army history, but wanted to show Air Force related items also during the annual Air Force Open Days. Working together with the KPU Bedrijf "Kleding en Persoonsgebonden Uitrusting" (clothing and personal equipment defence department) During the Air Show at Gilze Rijen airbase in 2005, Flightgear Online supplied several historical flight gear artefacts, (helmets, masks, coveralls and parachutes) for the Air Force clothing show. Besides flight gear, also other uniforms and combat clothing in use with the Air Force was shown by the KPU.

Living01_tn.jpg (21500 bytes)Living02_tn.jpg (15457 bytes)Living03_tn.jpg (23463 bytes)Living04_tn.jpg (24494 bytes)Living05_tn.jpg (23463 bytes)Living06_tn.jpg (24494 bytes)
From left to right:Farman pilot, Spitfire pilot, F-84F pilot, F-104 pilot in standard flightgear, F-104 pilot in partial
pressure outfit for high-level interceptions, and a present day F-16 pilot.

Leeuwarden 2006
When the Royal Netherlands Air Force announced their 2006 Open Days location, preparations were started for another clothing show. This time the flight gear part also focused on items that have been in use on Leeuwarden airbase in the past. Flightgear Online supplied the Props Department with several historical sets and even went on stage them selves!

Shown this time were for instance, very early Farman pilot, Spitfire pilot, 1950’s Thunderstreak pilot, 70’s F-104G pilot, present day F-16 pilots, SAR helicopter pilot, Apache pilot and an old very rare EFA high altitude set as used on the F-104G in Leeuwarden in the 60’s/70’s.

For display purposes, some items were no longer in original condition. For instance the Thunderstreak setup had a modified MBU-3/P mask attached to the P series helmet, as an original A-13A/MS22001 mask would be too fragile. Also the EFA outfit had an empty ARZ-30 coverall as walking with an inflatable bladder would have cost the live of our mannequin! (It can be very hot in those suits..)

Other sets on show were, among others, firemen, airfield security and crew chiefs.

In 2007 the next show is planned on Volkel airbase.

Images copyright Frank Peters www.fotocreatives.nl and Jerry Bielsma www.viperflight.nl



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