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by: Ron Kraan
A different article in our Stories section tells about the need for wearing a helmet. Also very important is the use of the oxygen mask as illustrated in the following story. This article appeared for the first time about 5 years ago in the USAF Air Clues.

Two American jets with both a crew of two went airborne towards a well-known exotic island. (Probably two F-15's towards Hickham or two F-14's). Most of the trip was to be flown overseas.

The crew of this F-14 took of their helmets and salute

During a climb to higher level, the number 2 plane came slowly aside the lead plane. The crew of the lead plane could not believe their eyes on the show they were presented. To their surprise the two pilots of the number 2 plane began to undress. After taking of their helmets and masks, the pilots began to take of their torso harness and coveralls…. Next they put on their caps and saluted the lead.

In the mean time, the number one plane tried to contact the stripping crewmembers. Without result as they were not wearing their helmets. But things got even stranger. One of the number 2 pilots moved himself upon his ejection seat and "mooned" the other plane. Terror started as the two pilots of the number 2 plane tried to reach their oxygen masks in total panic. They probably started to feel the first signs of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Due to their "hard work" of the last few minutes they had no time left to get to their gear in time.

What about mooning in an F-16? A dangerous joke!

They fell down in their seats and the airplane slowly turned inverted and nose down towards the ocean which was a couple of thousand feet below. They never regained their consciousness. A few minutes later the lead plane flew alone….


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