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How to turn your right-hand hinged bayonet receiver into a left-hand receiver.
by: Marc Baetslé , last update 24 April 2006

Several of us have experienced the frustration of buying one of the new hinged oxygen mask bayonet receivers on eBay, only to find out that you received a right-hand receiver instead of the left-hand receiver you really needed. Below Marc Baetslé shows you how to turn your frustration into satisfaction by converting that dreaded thing to a left-hand receiver in 15 easy steps.

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Figure 1:

You will need a hammer,a push pin, a vice, a piece of cloth, two small pieces of cardboard and a   Phillips screwdriver.

Figure 2:

Use the cloth and the pieces of cardboard to position your receiver in the vice. This way you are sure not to damage your receiver.

Figure 3:

Gently drive the cotter pin through the receiver with the push pin. There is no need to completely remove it, drive it just far enough until you can remove the cast receiver.

Figure 4:

There’s no need to fully remove the cotter pin from the hinge assy. Gently pull it out with the pliers as far as necessary in order to remove the cast receiver.
NOTE: Be sure to leave the bolt in the receiver latch on top of the hinge assy: It keeps the cast receiver in place while removing the cotter pin.

Figure 5:

Remove the bolt in the latch...

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Figure 6:

...take the cast receiver...

Figure 7:

...turn it 180° and replace it in the hinge...

Figure 8:

...and refasten the latch bolt.

Figure 9:

Gently replace the cotter with the hammer.

Figure 10:

When installing the hinge receiver onto your helmet, be sure to use the appropriate bolts. The ones from your "old" receivers are longer (right).

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Figure 11:

This is what happens if you use the wrong screws.

Figure 12:

Open receiver

Figure 13:

Open receiver

Figure 14:

Open receiver

Figure 15:

Closed receiver


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