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by: Ron Kraan

Connector, Quick Disconnect
NSN 1660-076-9662
MIL-C-38271 (USAF)

Designed to connect to standard three-prong mask connector (D) and features an omni-directional disconnect assuring proper alignment of disconnect during ejection. Allows for connection of bailout cylinder hose connector. Normally
mounted on parachute mounting plate. For Service Instructions, see T.O. 15X5-4-1-101.

Parachute Mounting Plate
NSN 1660-656-2522
AF Dwg. No. 57B3657

Dovetail design of the mounting plate assures positive locking action and prevents possibility of flailing. Fits (A) and (E).

For Service Instructions see  T.O.15 X 5-4-1-101. .


Connector, Ouick Disconnect
Type MCM
NSN 1660-601-1372
MS 22016 MIL-C-19246

A connector with a disconnect warning device and connector for attachment of the bailout bottle fitting. Components of the MC3A connector are as follows: Adapter assembly, housing w/strap, and bailout check valve kit. If desired, this connector is available with a roll pin installed for attachment of the restraint cord in the hose assembly.

Connector, quick Disconnect
NSN 1660-730-2247
AF Dwg. 571336611

The Air Force standard three-prong bayonet connector, a part of the MBU-3/P, MBU-4/P and MBU-5/P mask assemblies is designed to mate with the CRU-60/P and CRU-43A/A connectors. 
Connector, Quick Disconnect
NSN 1660-225-7292

This connector is used to adapt the three-prong
mask connector NSN 1660-730-2247 to the oxygen
regulator to mask hose connector, AN 6002-113
when emergency bailout oxygen is not required.
Designed for use in cargo type aircraft when
parachutes are not worn. Not approved for open
type bailout.


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