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Collection of Tien C. Nguyen 
by: Tien C. Nguyen
I'm a retired US Marine of 21 years but I have been an aviation "nut" since I was a kid.  Currently I work at LAX for the TSA and am an active member of the the flight gear group.  I have been updating my collection ever since I started some three years ago. 

My current collection contains the following:

USN APH-5 with A-13A
USN APH-6D with A-13A
USAF HGU-2A/P with MBU-5/P
USMC HGU-33/P with MBU-5/P
USN HGU-55/P with MBU-12/P

RCAF DH41-1 with MS22001

USSR ZsH-3 with Km-32
USSR ZsH-5A with Km-34
USSR ZsH-7 with Km-34D ser II

PLAAF Tk-2 with Ym-6505
PLAAF Tk-2A with Ym-6505

RAF Mk.1A(M) with M type
RAF Mk.3B with P-type
RAF Mk.3C with P-type
RAF Mk.4A with Q-type

FAF Gueneau 316 with Ulmer 82J
FAF Gueneau 458 with Ulmer 82JK

SAF FFV 111 with M-type

I have currently inbound the following:

Gueneau 313 with Ulmer ?
SAF FFV 113C with MS22001
RAF Mk.2A with P-type

My wish list is also pretty extensive but when I win the CA lotto I'll
be able to complete my collection with the following:

SAF FFV 116 with MBU-20/P
RAF Mk.10A with P-type
CGF LA-100 with Ulmer 85
GAF HGU-55/G with MBU-12/P EAS
USAF HGU-86/P with MBU-20/P HA/LP
PLAAF Tk-6A with Ym-6506

Semper Fidelis
GySgt Tien C. Nguyen

note: see also the website: http://briefcase.yahoo.com/usmctien


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