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The collection of Mike Graham 
by: Mike Graham

I am a new collector of gear, although I have dreamed of owning it since early childhood. I don't know why I cant get enough, as I suspect the other members of this elite collectors society may think like I do. Otherwise why would we collect it at all...

I am locate din big Pine Key, FL about 30 mi from Key west. The pictures with the LET-39C came from when I was driving by the airport, and spotted the jet on the runway. I couldn't believe my eyes. I got on the phone immediately and called the airport and asked if I may come and take pictures of the jet. They were happy to let me. 

But what really BLEW their minds was the gear I wore to take the pictures. I wore the complete GSH6 helmet and Bkk partial pressure suit. The folks who owned the aircraft are in business, and do sell "air time" for approx $800.00 for a ride in it. They had no idea I was going to show up ready to take off in their jet. I still can't believe I had the nerve to suit up of this, but after looking at the photos am glad I did!! Sorry I am not the pilot of this exciting aircraft, but will co pilot it sometime when I get the funds to do so. 

Best Regards,



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