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The collection of Markus Feyerabend 
by: Marcus Feyerabend
I'd like to introduce myself, I'm a 28 year old telecommunications engineer living in the south of Germany 
(near Munich) I've been an aviation enthusiast since I can crawl. Like so many others I'd love to fly the "heavy metal" but got stuck with gliders plus I'm just about to obtain my PPL (therefore my budget is currently quite limited)

I started to collect helmets only 2 years ago, when I bought my first HGU-33/P taped as VF-142 Ghostriders. Then came two Blue Angels helmets, one with a Kevlar HGU-55 shell and an original Gentex gold visor. The other one is the one shown in the "Jet Age Flight Helmets" book from Wise/Breuniger page 109. It doesn't have the right visor for a HGU-33 as the experts might be able to see ( it's not that wide as the original one ) but it is almost not recognizable. The last one "was" a HGU-45/P??? as the boommike and mount is missing ( the hole is still there ). 

Additionally I have a MBU-12/P green/green and a MBU-5/P green/green, a pair of Nomex gloves, two CWU-27/P flight suits and a CWU-45/P Nomex flight jacket. Currently I'm building up my own, customized HGU-33 style helmet with all the goodies one can have ( airbrush design, ANC, Oregon Aero liner, integrated nape/chinstrap ....) as a long term project. As you can see my collection is still very small and due to the above mentioned reason will not grow extensively within the next months, but I do have some dreams: 

  • HGU-55/P ( CE )
  • HGU-55/G
  • HGU-68/P   

That's it for now. Best regards,   

Markus Feyerabend


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