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The collection of Miguel Codes 
by: Miguel Codes
First of all I would like to present myself, My name is Miguel Codes and I am from Spain. 

I'm working right now with the Spanish airline company Iberia, as First Officer, bouncing all around Europe on an Airbus plane. Some years ago and while in Moscow, I found at a market my first helmet, a ZSH5 that I had to put on, on my flight back to Frankfurt (see picture).

Since then I have been collecting flight helmets and here you have my little collection, and also a part of my very empty new house, which is eating all the money I can dedicate to my helmets. With this pictures not only I want to show my collection, but also, say thank you to all the people who made it possible and the ones who will do in the future.

Hope you enjoy it!


p.s. if anybody sees a familiar helmet and can tell me something about it please do.



Miguel with his ZSH5 on his flight back from Moscow to Frankfurt

Miguel's impressive collection


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