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The collection of Kirk Sunley 
by: Kirk Sunley

Hello to all...my name is Kirk Sunley , and while I am a rated helicopter pilot I am also a collector too.

There are several helmets in my collection (all helicopter too!) at present. The collection consist of:

  • a 70's circa AFH-1 US Army issue new and mint

  • a 70's green SPH-4A single visor with TPL conversion

  • a USMC SPH-4C single visor  with NVG/ANVIS mount and green night vision compliant anti laser visor.

  • 2 US Army issue SPH-4B dual visor with NVG/ANVIS visor covers / no mounts

  • a USAF issue helicoter crew configured HGU-55P with a PRU-36/P dual visor housing. 

  • a brandnew HGU-84/P size XL

  • a brandnew HGU-56/P size XL

  • a USArmy SPH-5 with NVG/ANVIS mount, battery pack and liplight

  • and lastly a SPH-4 dual visor white in fantastic condition 

While I don't have pictures of all of  my helmets, I am also working on that right now too, there are a few pictured here but you can find more on my new website, dedicated to the flight helmet. Please visit it when you can! The URL is: http://people.we.mediaone.net/heliflyer/tfhsindex.html

The circa 70's USArmy issue AFH-1 helmet

Kirks Single visor SPH-4A helmet

A very nice looking SPH-5 model helmet

An HGU-55/P Helmet with PRU-36/P dual visor housing and boom mike

I have seen others collections here and have been just really blown away at some of the really fantastic pieces of aviation history that we are in charge of. I have been collecting over a period of about a decade and I have seen some of the most unusual flight helmets in the hands of the private collectors...Steve's herd of helmets being the most wide spread yet I should think.

Well that's about it for me...please feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions or comments.


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