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The collection of George Brestiner 
by: George Brestiner

Hi guys,
here some news from me (George Brestiner-GERMANY). I will get a digital camera to make some nice pictures from my SMALL collection.

I have finished my USAF F-15 project. The Combat Edge Pilot puppet is now fully finished.

  • Brand new HGU-55CE out of the box ,including new MBU-20P

  • Brand new CSU-17P pressure vest XL

  • Brand new CRU-94P in box

  • newly CSU-15P Harness

  • new LPU-9P unused

  • Newly CSU-13B/P

  • new gloves, boots, patches incl. orig. F15 nametag...

I also have a complete German Air Force TORNADO Pilot puppet, Pilot has all the gear components which are worn now...
(with the newest HGU-55G with the new 1999/2000 MBU-20P mask!!!)

  • Secumar 10HLA (NAVY) life vest, nearly unused!!!

  • CSU-13B/P G-Pants

  • Aramid flight overall with the squadron patches ad pilot name tag gloves and boots...

USNavy F-14D tomcat pilot with: 

  • orig. VF 14 (Tophatters) helmet HGU-55P

  • MA-2 harness with the fittings

  • SV-2B survival vest (full with the gear)

  • LPU-23P live vest new unused

  • MBU-14/17P mask (gray)

  • gloves, boots, all VF14 patches and original leather USNavy pilot name tag ...

USMC Helicopter pilot out of the HMX1 squadron

  • HGU-84P taped with squadron markings on back (got original NVG bracket + Battery pack on back)

  • SV-2B vest (but only for helicopter-pilot model!) New

  • SRU-31P Heeds bottle (oxygen under water)

  • LPU-21P heli vest

  • Squadron patches HMX 1 with orig. leather USMC name tag gloves and boots... with the NVG green-bag ,for the ANVIS goggle.

We're working on some uncompleted pilot sets...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also have lots of pilot gear and some rear helmets and pressure helmet are still here.

You can contact us by e-mail at: black_balloon66@hotmail.com


George B.


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