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The collection of Franck and Eric Belluci 
by: Franck and Eric Bellucci

I'm French and 36. My brother and me let us have a small collection of helmets and flying gears, especially of the French 'Armée de l'Air'. We have three 'puppets', all French pilots, and some helmets (USAF, Armée de l'Air, Russian Air Force). 

The model I prefer in our collection is the HGU2A/P with MBU5/P O2, 1969 manufactured (the mask is dated of 1965). I have preferences for the 50's et 60's period jet age, and my brother likes more French air force.

The other collectors or all people interested by the flight  equipments or the fighter forces in general can contact us at the following email: victor_bebel@hotmail.com Thank you!

Best regards,

Franck and Eric Bellucci


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