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The collection of Alexandre Varlet 
by: Alexandre Varlet

I am French, 32 and have been collecting jet helmets for 12 years now. The first helmet I found was a HGU-2 AP with a tiger stripped visor housing from a F104G pilot belonging to the 31st Belgian Squadron. My collection consists of 30 helmets and  2 ejection seats ; my oldest helmet being a leather Gueneau from 1939 and the most recent one also a Gueneau, a 458 from a Jaguar pilot in the Gulf.

I am interested in used helmets if possible with artwork ( of course it is often difficult to see if the paint is genuine or just a copy, I must say I made mistakes) but when I get such helmets, all is not over : I try to gather information about the pilot, unit and other tracks - I already found 2 pilots and the survey is under way for many other ones.

I also like high altitude helmets but only have a rather small collection -what is nice for me about them when you have a look is to think they have seen action above 48.000 feet

Right now, I just joined up on the web and try to get in touch with other collectors in order to arrange trades I am looking for painted helmets from the 50' to the late 80' Please fell free to contact me for further information.

Until next time, so long

Alexandre Varlet


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