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The collection of Andrea Salimbeti 
by: Andrea Salimbeti

Hi to everybody and congratulations for your website.

I'm an Italian collector of flight helmets and flight gear mainly of US Naval Aviation.
I work in the International Space Station program, for an Italian aerospace company NASA partner.
Because of my activity I often travel to United States were I have purchased most of my flight helmets and equipment.

Here is an overview of my most characteristic helmets including a really rare Gentex H-5.
This model was an evolution of the H-4 type and it was used for a very short time by the US Navy during the mid- 50s.

I also have a complete flight equipment composed of : CWU-27/P Flight suit, CSU15/P Anti G garment, CWU-45/P Flight jacket, MA-2 Torso harness, SV-2 Survival vest (complete with all kits), LPU-23/P Life preserver, Leg restraint strap, GS/FRP-2 Nomex flight gloves, Flight boots and Helmet bag used by US Navy pilots during the 80s.

as2helmet10.jpg (174143 bytes)

as2helmet11.jpg (135472 bytes)as2helmet12.jpg (134405 bytes)

You can see the flight gear on the picture showing me in front of a computer added background of a VF-84 Jolly Rogers F14A Tomcat on board of USS Nimitz during the early 80s. 

If somebody like to contact me my e-mail address is : andrea.salimbeti@tin.it


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