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The collection of Alberto Spaziani 
by: Alberto Spaziani

I was born on the 2nd of June 1958, in Rome where I live, after the technical study I joined the Italian army and served as officer in the anti-aircraft artillery with HAWK-missiles. 

geared up as a 1949/50 De Havilland 100 Vampire 
pilot: Italian AirTex "E" helmet, H mask, Mk VIII 
goggles and 2 piece Giusti flightsuit.

After the military service I start to work ,in the government electricity department (ENEL) as system and network manager in the Dispatched Control Center of Rome. 

Alberto is shown in his 1952 F-84G pilot set: 
"Marus" flight suit, P-1A helmet, MS22001 mask, 
B-18 parachute and  B-8 life preserver

In 1989 I started to study in order to earn my pilot license, and now I am flying on all the aircraft of the local aero club included the SF-260 used by the primary air academy school. I started to collect helmet from 1989 and now my collection is of more than 100 helmets, many of them with goggles,o2 mask.

Alberto  next to a Fiat G-59 Trainer/Fighter
 and in his Giusti flightsuit, Salvator parachute 
and Italian leather helmet.

I collect flight gear from all the world and age ,and I'd like to make some trades with other collectors especially in Europe due the recent restrictions to export this gears from USA.




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